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Learn what this organization is doing to help vets across the US manage PTSD

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Author of the "Brotherhood of the Red Nile" trilogy Dan Perkins joined Chris Salcedo on "The Chris Salcedo Show" today to tell him about Songs and Stories for Soldiers. The service provides countless hours of audio support for veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and sleep deprivation across the United States.

They serve facilities all over the country, from major military installations to Veterans Affairs centers. Utilizing an  MP3 based system, Songs and Stories has given away over eleven thousand players to veterans.

With those players and the website, they have access to three million songs, 100,000 books, 30,000 old time radio shows, and four custom designed eight-hour sleep audio programs designed to help soldiers attain REM level sleep.

REM sleep, or Rapid Eye Movement stage sleep, is where we dream and process the day's events. It is considered by doctors and mental health professionals to be essential to good mental and emotional health, especially in cases of PTSD.

Perkins said he does this work because the suicide rate for male veterans is four times that of civilians. The suicide rate for female veterans is 12 times that of other women, and 55 percent of female military personnel indicated that they endured at least one sexual harassment incident on active duty. Of the 2.1 million female veterans in the United States, 600,000 women have PTSD.

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