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Listen: Guatemala announces embassy move to Jerusalem, more countries consider move

(Photo credit should read JACK GUEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Honduras, Paraguay could follow Jerusalem Embassy move

Guatemala has announced that it will be the first country to follow America’s example, and move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, now Israel says at least ten other countries are also considering making such a move.


Knesset member berates Palestinian family on bus

The family of a jailed Palestinian happened to be on board to go and visit their son in jail with the Knesset's "Lawmaker, Oren Hazan, who got up in their faces and called their son “a dog”.

Norway to cut funds to Pro-BDS groups

Norway has just announced that it will cut funding to Palestinian Ngo’s that call for boycotting the state of Israel, to support a dialogue between Israel and the Palestinians.


The “Me Too” movement’s Impact in Israel

Shifra Cornfield, Host of the Israeli culture show “Moadon Tarbut” speaking ILTV Studio about the Israli T.V. show that broadcasted a segment of Actress Salma Hayek's story.

Checkmate for Israeli players in Saudi chess match

Israel’s top chess champs were hoping to compete in this year’s ‘World Blitz and rapid championships’, but they’ve just been denied visas to enter Saudi Arabia, where the chess showdown is being hosted.


Facing An Uphill Battle with a smile

Tamar Morali, Miss Germany Contestant speaking at ILTV Studio about the hope of maybe being the first Jewish Miss Germany.


Israel gives birth to breakthrough I.U.D.

A new Israeli invention has just made a revolutionary new I.U.D that places women’s comfort, and safety, above all else.

Where do foreigners like to live?

Marchello Enchilini , CEO & Owner of Franchi Real Estate speaking at ILTV Studio about the Israeli market, and how Franchi Real-Estate helps you find the Israeli property of your dreams.


Spanish just got a lot more Jewish

The Royal Spanish Academy has just announced the addition of the new words to the official Spanish language dictionary, “Kosher” and “hummus.”

Hebrew word Of The Day: MILON | מילון = DICTIONARY

Learn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "Milon" which means "Dictionary."


The Weather Forecast

Tonight should have clear skies and a significant rise in temperatures. The low will be around fifty-three, or twelve degrees Celsius. Tomorrow expect it to be partly cloudy to cloud, with little change in temperatures and a high of seventy-four,or twenty-three degrees Celsius.

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