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Cold, rain fails to dampen Israeli New Year’s

Here in Israel, New Year's is known as “Sylvester”, in memory of the death of Pope Sylvester on December 31st, and despite bitter cold weather and rain, it’s safe to say this year’s “Sylvester” festivities were a success.


Likud calls on annexing Jewish homes in W.Bank

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Likud party has just approved a bombshell new resolution, though it isn’t legally binding, the vote calls on the government to officially annex Jewish communities in the West Bank as Israeli territory.


Palestinian teen, cousin charged

Sixteen-year-old girl and her cousin were filmed slapping I.D.F. soldiers in the West Bank, both the girl and her cousin have been arrested and indicted for assault by an Israeli military court.


Teens pen open letter, refuse draft into I.D.F.

A group of Israeli teenagers are facing possible jail time for refusing to enlist to the army, and they’ve written the government an open letter explaining why.


Girl power for Israeli businesswomen

Yael Ovadia, CEO of Yozmot Atid speaking at ILTV Studio about the organization that is helping women set up their own businesses throughout the country.


A child’s return to tragedy

Moshe Holtzberg's parents were tragically killed by a Terrorist in the Nariman Chabad House in India, he is now eleven years old, and he's getting ready to return to the Chabad House with Prime Minister Netanyahu on his official state visit to India.

Hitler’s 1939 Mercedes-Benz up for auction

A custom-designed Mercedes-Benz has just been put up for auction and has been described as the “most historically significant automobile ever offered for public sale.”  This car belonged to Nazi Dictator, Adolf Hitler.


Blast from the past

Rabbi Simon Benzaquen, Ladino Expert & Member of ‘Los Serenos Sefarad’ speaking at ILTV Studio about his joint forces with rapper to keep Ladino music trendy in 2018.


Arabic ‘Fauda’ Ads give Israelis the chills

Ads for the upcoming season of the series ‘Fauda’ have been quickening some pulses here in Israel,  because the creative ad campaign features billboards written in Arabic warning people that “the chaos is about to begin.”


New Year, New Israeli content to binge!

The New Year promises loads of films, documentaries and series from the Holy Land, and a whole new lineup of amazing concerts to look forward to.


Introducing ‘Two Nice Jewish Boys’

Eytan Weinstein, Co-Host of “2NJB” & “Melting Podcast” and Naor Meningher, Co-Host of “ 2NJB” & “Melting Podcast” speaking at ILTV Studio about the podcast that explore modern living in the Holy Land.


Gal Gadot is 2017’s highest-grossing actress

Israeli superstar, Gal Gadot, is set to present award at this year’s Golden Globe Ceremony.


Hebrew word Of The Day: RAIN | גֶשֶׁם = GESHEM

Learn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "Rain" which means "Geshem."


The Weather Forecast

The New Year has started with lots of rain and it looks like that’s going to be continuing into Tuesday. Tomorrow’s high will be 64 degrees Fahrenheit, or 17 degrees Celsius. The rain should clear out by Wednesday, but the clouds will remain, although the temperature should rise by 1 degree to a pleasant 65 degrees Fahrenheit, or 18 degrees Celsius.

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