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Listen: Israel can choose its own capital, not 'militant Islamist heckler’s veto\

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This week, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser looks at what’s all the fuss been about for decades about the US simply acknowledging Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He goes on to explain how the pathway to peace will always be through treating Arabs and Muslims as adults without appeasing what he calls the militant Islamist 'heckler’s veto'.

"This is the toxicity that the left is spewing as President Trump -- for all his faults and whatever you might disagree with him about -- has been one of the first presidents in now over two decades that has decided to follow through with what should have been American policy at the beginning," said Dr. Zuhdi. "I believe this will push the peace process because, as Reagan intimated, peace comes from strength."

Listen to the full episode here to get Dr. Zuhdi’s full take.

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