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Listen: Tensions mount as Trump considers American Embassy move to Jerusalem


Here are the latest headlines from Israel:

Report: Israel strikes Syrian target

Israel is believed to have just launched yet another airstrike on a military target in Syria after Israeli jets were allegedly seen bombing an Iranian base in the region.


Trump misses deadline for Embassy movePresident Trump still has yet to make a decision if to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem, there are tensions mounting over what the final word will be.


Poll shows Netanyahu still strong as P.M.A new political poll conducted in Israel suggests that even though Prime Minister Netanyahu is under a series of criminal investigations, he’s still favored to lead the country.


‘Teaching a man to fish’ in the Israeli economy

Alon Madar, VP of Resource Development at iTWORKS speaking at ILTV Studio about the non-profit that is dedicated to promoting the economic development of disenfranchised Israeli communities.


‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ conference

The Holy Land has long been a pioneer in the CSR area, so it’s no surprise that hundreds of professionals from all over the world have just come to Israel for the second international C-S-R conference.


The future of Blockchain technology

Ori Ardman, Co-Founder of Stagira speaking at ILTV about Blockchain technology, and about the Start-Up that is dealing with the breakthrough technology.


‘Peace Diamond’ sells for $6.5m

The world’s fourteenth-largest diamond has just sold for a whopping six-point-five million dollars, following a worldwide auction spearheaded here in Israel.


Invest in the Israeli Economic Ecosystem

Eilam Osri, COO of Pipel Biz speaking at ILTV Studio about how Pipel Biz help figure out where to invest especially when Israeli happens to be the most Start-Ups per capita in the world.


Iltv’s fashion and lifestyle show revamped

The weekly show "Israel In Style" is coming back with a new a deeper look into Israeli fashion and entertainment.


Hebrew word Of The Day: DATEE | דָתִי = RELIGIOUSLearn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "Datee" which means "Religious."

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