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Listen: When in doubt, blame Jeffy? Guess who really broke the 'dillo racing trophy


Jeffy thought he had gotten away with his crime ... until an attentive listener ratted him out.

On today's show, Glenn invited Jeffy on to share a note from a listener: "Just an FYI: Jeffy broke the armadillo leg. He did it on Facebook Live last week. It's not Glenn's fault."

Glenn, Stu, Pat, Doc, Brad and Jeffy have been competing in a virtual armadillo race that will determine who gets to pick their real armadillo first this weekend, and Jeffy has been way ahead. Mercury One is fundraising with the 2017 M1 Ball: American Cowboy, and the Dillo Derby will be held at the ball on Nov. 18.

When a leg came off the armadillo trophy, Glenn assumed he had broken it, but an audience member wrote it in to let him know that Jeffy was the culprit.

"We have listeners who like us," Glenn said.

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