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Man who purposely got arrested to escape his wife is now under house arrest

Doc Thompson
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A man who robbed a Kansas City bank last September and told authorities he did it on purpose because he wanted to get away from his wife has been sentenced to six months of house arrest.

Lawrence John Ripple, 71, pled guilty to the robbery in January, according to the Kansas City Star. Ripple walked into the bank, which was only a block away from a police station, and took $2,924 from a teller before sitting down in the lobby to await arrest. He reportedly told police that he would rather be in jail than at home with his wife.

In addition to six months of home confinement, Ripple will serve three years of supervised probation, which includes 50 community service hours, the Star reported.

Doc Thompson and the guys looked at Ripple’s case as well as some other odd crime stories on Friday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson.”

“Do you think the judge did that on purpose?” Kris Cruz asked about the choice of house arrest.

“That’s cruel and unusual,” Brad Staggs joked.

Doc pointed out that the man is not only going to be around his wife 24/7, but he is also dependent on her for food and anything else he needs from the outside world.

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