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Matt Walsh: It's time for Christians in America to go on the offensive
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Matt Walsh: It's time for Christians in America to go on the offensive

As I explained in my piece earlier this week, Christians are often accused of "forcing" their morality and religion on others. The accusations are false. We don't force anything on anyone. But, well, maybe we should. Maybe we should be forcing ourselves on the culture a little more.

Instead of whimpering while Leftists take everything and win every battle, hoping that our submissive and polite approach will win us brownie points, maybe we should be fighting with a little more aggression and passion. Instead of merely arguing that we have the “right” to be opposed to gay marriage personally, and we have the right to harbor our pro-family and pro-life views, we should be trying to actively create a culture built around that premise; a culture unwelcoming of wickedness and depravity.

I’m not saying that we ought to establish a theocracy, but just that we should fighting to reclaim marriage, to reclaim the family, faith, and life, rather than meekly asking that we be permitted to feel how we want about these subjects in the privacy of our own homes.

I can’t force anyone to be moral -- which is why the “you’re forcing morality on me” thing is so stupid -- but I would like a culture and a country that establishes and “forces” a few things: like, you can’t kill babies. And marriage is between a man and woman. And men can’t go in the women’s room. Force? Yeah, there is some force involved. Not forcing my views into your brain, but forcing some basic standards of human decency and sanity.

We’ve come under the impression that we can’t strive for that or fight for it. All we’re allowed to do is hold to our personal opinions while the Left does what it wants. They have been on the offensive for decades while we huddle in the corner, trying only to shield ourselves. As I detain my podcast today, that's the wrong approach. Give it a listen.

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