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The collapse of ESPN proves again that people don't want to hear leftist sermonizing

Matt Walsh
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ESPN announced massive layoffs of its on air talent this week. This news garnered a lot of attention because many of us couldn't help but notice how ESPN is collapsing not long after making the transition to a hard left political advocacy organization that happens to talk about sports sometimes. For a few years now, ESPN has been the most liberal channel on all of cable TV. It makes MSNBC look reactionary by comparison.

ESPN decided at some point that the best business model is to bring a bunch of meatheads on camera to lecture us about gender identity and racial injustice. It did this so often that when most people hear "ESPN" these days, they think, "Oh, isn't that the channel that used to have sports on it?" It is paying the price for this strategy, although it hasn't learned its lesson. It seems most of the people they fired were their actual news anchors and sports analysts. All of the SJWs retained their jobs.

Now, I find this all quite interesting for one reason in particular, and it's what I focus on in my podcast today. We live in a liberal culture, no question about it, yet there is no audience for ESPN's liberalism. And it's not just that network. Think about any time a network comes out with some overtly gay comedy or drama. ABC had a gay miniseries recently that they poured a ton of marketing money into. But it was a flop. They always flop.

Even beyond entertainment, think about what happens when companies go far left as opposed to going right. Target went left, and they suffered big losses. Chick-fil-A got blasted for its owner's Biblical views, and their sales skyrocketed. Why does it work that way? Especially in this culture?

I think the reason is this: we are a liberal culture because many of us have acquiesced to liberalism. We tolerate it. We comply with it, unfortunately. But very few of us actually believe it. Very few want to celebrate it. So, we go along with the gay agenda, for instance, but nobody actually wants to watch a gay romance on TV. That's not my opinion. Those shows and films simply don't sell. This is an important point. Liberalism has won the culture by intimidation, but it has not changed very many minds. All it's done is scare them into silence.

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