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Matt Walsh: The insanity in our culture is your fault if you won't speak out against it

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Here is my podcast for this week. It expands on the piece I wrote earlier this week about the "transgender" situation up in Connecticut. If you didn't read the piece or see the story, here's the recap: a mustachioed, very boy-looking boy, who apparently has not made any attempt to even look like a girl, still identifies as a girl, and was able to compete against the girls at the state track championships, where he proceeded to win both of his events with times that would not have even placed against the boys.

The point I made in my piece is that, once again, the "transgender" myth is hurting girls. I challenged any leftist to explain, logically, why I'm wrong in my opinion that women are disenfranchised when men are allowed to assume their identity and invade their spaces. From what I saw, not a single person stepped up to argue my point. The piece was read over 200,000 times in the span of a day or two, yet my inbox was not flooded with people lining up to explain why I'm wrong.

Now, why is that significant? It's significant because it demonstrates that most people recognize this madness as madness, few people actually agree with it, and even fewer are willing or able to defend it. And yet this kind of stuff continues to happen, the "transgender" superstition is treated as fact, and everyone seems to bow in obedience and submission to the LGBT agenda. We all know this is crazy, yet the craziness goes on. Why? Well, I think it comes down to an incredible moral cowardice among a great many people in this country.

We all know that men are men, women are women, and there is no way to switch between the two, yet few of us are willing to stand up and say so. It's the most obvious fact of human existence, and many of us lack the courage to publicly acknowledge it, let alone defend it. We'll agree with whispers and silent nods when someone else says it, but we won't take it much further than that. And, worst of all, many parents aren't even willing to raise a fuss when their own daughters are subjected to this. They just go along, everyone just goes along. And that's how the LGBT extremist camp wins. It's pathetic.

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