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Netanyahu: US to move embassy to Jerusalem by year's end, Trump says 'That’s a no\

(Photo by Kobi Gideon/GPO via Getty Images)

I.D.F. kills Terrorist who murdered Rabbi

The army has just located and killed the Palestinian Terrorist who is now believed to have killed Rabbi Raziel Shevach. The rabbi was tragically murdered last week in a drive-by shooting near the West Bank city of Nablus.

Timeline for Jerusalem Embassy move in question

There’s a new question mark on President Trump’s plan to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem, and that is when the move is actually going to happen. Learn more here.

Arab leaders appeal for help on Jerusalem

In the wake of both President Trump’s Jerusalem announcement and his decision to cut nearly half of the US’s aid to the Palestinian U.N. Refugee Agency, the Palestinians are now at a crossroads.

Judge: Palestinian teen to remain in jail

The Israeli military court has just ruled that sixteen-year-old Ahmed Tamimi, who was arrested for slapping I.D.F. solders last night, will remain in police custody until her trail ends. She’s now been in prison for over a month.

Israelis resort to hiding African asylum seekers

Rabbi Susan Silverman, Founder of Anne Frank Home Sanctuary Movement, speaking at ILTV Studio about her mission, along with lots of other Rabbis, that was inspired by perhaps one of the most known and beloved refugees of all time, Anne Frank.

Belgium commits aid to the Palestinians

Belgium has just committed $23 million dollars to the U.N.’s Palestinian Refugee Agency, Unrwa. The move is aimed at helping fill the $65 million dollar deficit that was just left after President Trump slashed nearly half of U.S. funding to the United Nations relief and works agency.

Moldova commemorates int’l Holocaust Memorial Day

Nachum Slutzker, musician and producer, and Dr. Baruch Berliner, composer, poet and actuary, speaking at ILTV Studio about the ‘Genesis Symphony Orchestra’ that blends musical genres for a one-of-a-kind experience

Israeli celebrity chef opens 1st N.Y.C. Restaurant

Israeli Super-Chef Eyal Shani, known for his incredible cuisine and his chain of ‘Miznon’ restaurants, has already taken the culinary world by storm in Tel Aviv, Paris, Vienna, Melbourne, and is now opening a restaurant in America.

Rare and ancient vase discovered in Galilee

An incredible discovery has just been made in Israel’s Northern Galilee: a rare and ancient vase was excavated there several years ago, but new technology has just given experts a shocking look into the past.

Top 5 festivals in Israel

For this week’s top five, here’s where to hear the best tunes and let out your inner hippie.

Hebrew word Of The Day: KRUVIT | כרובית = CAULIFLOWERLearn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "Kruvit" which means "Cauliflower."

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