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Oregon took this couple's kids away: You won't believe their case

Glenn Beck
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Oregon couple Amy Fabbrini and Eric Ziegler have been fighting for the right to parent their own children for four years. Christopher, their older son together, was taken away a few days after he was born, while Hunter was removed from their care while Fabbrini was still in the hospital after having the baby.

Glenn Beck and TheBlaze team have been working to uncover the facts of the case, which is looking worse and worse.

TheBlaze researcher Jason Buttrill shared the latest update, including information from court documents showing that Oregon has no real case against Fabbrini’s parental rights. His resources included documentation of the couple’s IQ levels and school transcripts as well as court records.

The state has alleged that Fabbrini and Ziegler aren’t fit to be parents because they both have low IQs, even though there is no evidence of abuse or neglect. According to court documents, Oregon has alleged that Fabbrini doesn’t understand the basic needs of her children and can’t be a safe parent.

“We have seen all of the documents,” Glenn said. “That is the case.”

Fabbrini’s estranged father has filed a complaint against his daughter, saying she is an unfit mother. Earlier this month, Fabbrini and Sherrene Hagenbach, a professional mediator and a volunteer working with the couple, joined “The Glenn Beck Radio Program” to share their perspective on the story.

“I’m a wonderful mother,” Fabbrini told Glenn. “I love my boys. I would do anything for my boys.”

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