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Rabbi Lapin: ‘The important thing is your life today’ -- not living in the past

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We are too obsessed with the past and need to learn to let go of terrible things that happened, Rabbi Daniel Lapin said on this week’s episode of “The Rabbi Daniel Lapin Show.”

Schools used to rely on the practice of bringing in therapists and counselors after traumatic events so the children could talk about their feelings about a school shooting or another horrifying incident. “What was going through your mind at the time?” the children would be asked. But a psychologist later said that such a practice is a “calamity,” Rabbi Lapin said.

Talking through the past is far less important than focusing on the future. You should work to improve your future in the present instead of dwelling on terrible things that happened.

“That doesn’t mean that what happened wasn’t horrible. It doesn’t mean that what happened wasn’t profoundly evil,” Rabbi Lapin said. But “the important thing is your life today.”

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