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Retailers in this state may face staggering fines for selling phones to 'underage' kids

Mike Opelka
dolgachov / Getty Images

Colorado group Parents Against Underage Smartphones wants to stop parents from buying cell phones for children under 13 by fining retailers $500 to $200,000 who sell them to children in that age group.

They are collecting signatures to put Initiative 29 on the 2018 Colorado ballot. The proposal also requires retailers to document the age of the intended owner of a mobile phone "and file a monthly report to the Department of Revenue."

Board certified anesthesiologist Timothy Farnum founded the group, stating that very young children can develop issues with language acquisition when they spend all their time staring at a screen. He said children in general become less energetic and frequently become reclusive.

Mike Opelka sarcastically thanked the group for judging intent and wasting time and money to increase the reach of government on today's "Pure Opelka."

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