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Schools spend thousands on classes teaching students and faculty to be perpetually sorry

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The New School is in the heart of mid-town Manhattan -- an area that is almost a proving ground for adult urban survival techniques, let alone scholars'. But their office of student health services saw fit to provide an online memo on microaggressions for these hardened New York denizens.

Mike Opelka dissected the lesson on what is, essentially, apologizing for existing on today's "Pure Opelka." The memo is meant to “help you recognize, help you apologize, and help you realize your privilege.” The site gives as an example being a white, Christian, straight male, which Mike joked means he and many other Americans have "four stars of privilege."

But the madness is not limited to New York City. Campus Reform reported that South Carolina's Clemson University spent over $25,000 to educate faculty on diversity and microaggressions. This same school provided training materials that teach that commenting on person's lateness is culturally insensitive.

Mike, who lost an entire letter grade in a college class due to his perpetual "Jeopardy"-fueled tardiness, wondered where the racism police were when he was penalized.

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