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Sexual assault brings up the issue of self-esteem: 'We have turned addiction into an excuse

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As hundreds of allegations of sexual assault committed by powerful Hollywood executive, Harvey Weinstein, continue to surface, Yaron Brooks questioned self-esteem in today's society. Yaron argued that Harvey Weinstein isn't addicted to sex, rather he's addicted to using his power through sex to mask his insecurities.

"What does it mean to be addicted to something good?" posited Yaron. "Something positive?" "He's not addicted to sex, he uses sex as a vehicle to deal with his insecurities and his lack of self-esteem -- we'll get to self-esteem in a minute -- his confusions; the fact that he's a screwed up human being."

Yaron discussed the evil behind Weinstein exploiting others and likened him to Bill Clinton and Roger Ailes who also committed acts of sexual assault against subordinates. The idea that Weinstein is a sex addict is "absurd" and "ridiculous claimed Yaron. "We have turned addiction into an excuse for everything in this country. We're now addicted to anything." Hear Yaron's full take on the matter in the podcast above and on SoundCloud.

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