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Singer Colton Dixon talks about new album and ‘serving’ in marriage

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Singer Colton Dixon joined “The Church Boys” to talk about why his new CD focuses on identity and “quiet” as well as how he and his wife have navigated their first year of marriage.

The new album, “Identity,” approaches mind, body, and spirit from a place of mindfulness and learning how to be quiet, Dixon said. Quiet is especially important for Christians in a world where everyone is constantly busy.

“It’s really easy in this industry to fill your schedule from top to bottom, but how important is it to stop the talking, to stop the madness for a second, to hear what God has for you?”

As a Christian, he encouraged others to think about their purpose in life:

“No matter what field you’re in, what are you trying to accomplish?”

Dixon also opened up about his first year of marriage; he and his wife, Annie, wed in January 2016. He talked about what they had learned from each other and how marriage had reset his perspective: “Getting married, that whole mindset behind marriage, it’s about serving the other person.”

Because of their faith, the pair chose to wait until they were married to have sex. While their decision isn’t necessarily unusual among Christians, the media picked up the story after the Dixons told a reporter in an interview about their wedding day.

“We saved ourselves for marriage. It wasn’t an easy decision by any means, but we did, we made it,” Dixon explained. “Sex is amazing within the confines of marriage. If you can abstain from it [until marriage], it’s that much better.”

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