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Steve Forbes: Americans now live in 'two parallel universes' thanks to the media

Mike Opelka
GENT SHKULLAKU / Stringer/Getty Images

Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media, Steve Forbes, is in Las Vegas, Nevada, for Freedom Fest this week. Former Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman declared at the event that yesterday was Steve Forbes Day, which he told Mike Opelka was a “great honor” on today’s “Pure Opelka.”

Forbes told Mike during an amusing conversation that he was there because the event supports the “freedom business,” adding “Jefferson observed liberty requires eternal vigilance,” because government is always going to expand like weeds in a garden. He wants Americans to be aware of the “two parallel universes” we live in now: the media’s reality T.V. version, and what’s actually going on.

Of the latter, he said Congress has passed 15 separate bills repealing regulations, spurring improvements in education and the internet. The Environmental Protection Agency is paying attention to real science again instead of “waging a holy war against energy.” He also pointed to the barely publicized progress of people all over the world and that dire poverty has been cut in half over the past 30 years.

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