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This program requires teachers to report monthly mental health assessments on your kids

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The government has been trying to micromanage your child’s education for decades now, but this newest effort also creates a privacy crisis. The Every Student Succeeds Act, or ESSA, requires that teachers fill out a 72 question mental health assessment monthly on their students. No parental permission is requested or required.

ESSA is a federal program focused on "social emotional learning," which puts a child's self esteem as a priority in the educational process. Questions such as how a child carries themselves or is able to cope with insults are included in the DESSA, or Devereux Student Strengths Assessment.

Mike Opelka argued on today's "Pure Opelka" that this is essentially a non-medical psychological assessment performed on children with no medical training. The teacher's evaluation is not protected by HIPAA privacy laws and can be shared across the school district.

He urged parents to ask teachers directly if they are participating fully in this program, which spans children in grades K-12. He also advised them to go to school boards and ask how they are implementing ESSA.

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