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Toronto Sun columnist: Canada has a 'sanctuary' crisis, too

Jeff Vinnick / Getty Images

Did you know that Canada has its own illegal immigration problem? Toronto Star columnist Candice Malcolm joined Monday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson” to explain why the Canadian liberal government is "facilitating" an issue that the country hasn’t faced before.

Illegal immigration has “completely exploded” since Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued an open invitation to refugees, Malcolm explained. In January, Trudeau responded to President Donald Trump’s travel ban by issuing a welcome to Syrian refugees and “those fleeing persecution, terror & war.”

According to Malcolm, illegal immigrants are exploiting this generosity, with around 500 people per day using just one of the popular border crossings. The Canadian government isn’t properly vetting these people who may or may not be safe to welcome to the country.

“You have people who are walking across the border illegally, and Canada's actually sort of facilitating it,” Malcolm said. “They’ve lost control of the situation," she summed up.

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