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Trump flip-flops on multiple campaign issues

Glenn Beck
(Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

NATO is no longer “obsolete,” according to President Donald Trump. This morning on “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” the guys discussed the latest positions on policy that have Trump doing a 180.

“Yesterday, Donald Trump took six campaign positions and reversed them,” Glenn said. “And none of them are small.”

On Wednesday, Trump called NATO a “bulwark of international peace and security” in one of his biggest flip-flops. During his presidential campaign, he said NATO was “obsolete” and wasn’t meant to defend the U.S. from terrorism.

Glenn noted that Trump supporters, including formerly close adviser Steve Bannon, will not be happy. Bannon was serving on the National Security Council but has since been downgraded to simply “a guy who works for me” by Trump.

“The Steve Bannons of the world are losing their mind today,” Glenn said about Trump’s 180 on NATO and other positions that were core to his presidential campaign.

Listen to Thursday’s full episode to hear about how Trump flipped on China, the Federal Reserve and other policy positions.

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