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Uber-like service for abortion now available to rural residents for free

Pat Gray Unleashed
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If you need a ride to kill your baby, a volunteer service will drive you to the nearest abortion clinic in your area. HuffPo dubbed the drivers the "unsung heroes" of abortion care. Ugh.

According to an opinion piece by two guest writers for HuffPo, "Even when women can pay for the procedure itself, they often need help getting to the clinic. As clinics have closed, the distance to the clinic can be an insurmountable hurdle. This is especially true for women in rural areas who live in states with only one or two clinics that are located in the most populous area of the state."

In addition to free rides to abortion clinics, the article also praised the volunteers who allow the women to stay the night at their homes for free since most can't afford a hotel room at the destination of their abortion.

The article then chronicled the story of a woman named Diana volunteered to take a 12-hour car ride to and from an abortion clinic with an abortion

patient" named Kim.

"The pair then embarked on the 12-hour ride home, Diana driving almost nonstop through fierce storms, all so she could keep her promise to get Kim home in time to spend Christmas with her two children," HuffPo said. "Diana and Kim’s story is extraordinary, and it is emblematic of the lengths to which volunteers go to help patients access abortion."

The article later invoked a feeling of triumph against adversity and hoped providers and patients  would no longer "have to depend on the kindness of strangers."

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