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Yaron Brook: Medicare takes from younger generations to provide for older people

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Medicaid, Social Security and similar entitlement programs should be phased out because they allow the government to steal from your kids, Yaron Brook said on this week’s episode of “The Yaron Brook Show.”

Because the government can’t afford to cover older people with their promised benefits, they are taking money from younger generations through taxes to foot the bill.

“’Let’s screw the young’” is the mindset, Yaron asserted. “’Let’s make economic growth zero for them.’”

The government thinks it’s acceptable to take money from the young and sacrifice them for the sake of the old. Why aren’t people allowed to keep their own money and be responsible for themselves instead?

“You should save. What a concept,” Yaron said.

While the idea of self-sacrifice is admirable, society is better off in the long term if people have healthy self-interest and take personal responsibility.

“If we were all Mother Teresas, the entire Western civilization would collapse,” Yaron asserted.

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