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'Technocratic, dishonest, careerist, stupid COWARDS': Why Tucker Carlson CAN'T STAND today's so-called 'journalists'

The Glenn Beck Podcast

'They've inverted the most basic rule of journalism, which is hold the powerful accountable'

Thirty years ago, the world was a much different place and journalists used to be brave. On his latest podcast, Glenn Beck was joined by one of the few who still is, and you've never seen him like this. Before he was on Fox News, Tucker Carlson built an impressive career writing for some of the biggest names in American journalism. But now, the corporate media "journalists," or as Tucker prefers, "the Praetorian Guard for the ruling class," have abandoned their principles in favor of political goals.

"My dad was a journalist. My great-grandfather was the publisher of the Dallas Morning News. I grew up around journalists my whole life. I mean, that's the world I grew up in. That's why I went into it," Tucker told Glenn. "So, that's one of the reasons I hate [today's journalists] so much. It's a personal offense. The worst people have gone into it, just the technocratic, dishonest, careerist, stupid cowards. I mean, you're supposed to be brave. ... These people are just such wuss bags. I hate them."

Asked by Glenn if he believes today's journalists are only interested in ratings or something worse, Tucker answered, "They're the Praetorian Guard for the ruling class. They've inverted the most basic rule of journalism, which is hold the powerful accountable. And now they're all working for some oligarch. Steve Jobs' idiot widow owns the Atlantic. Jeff Bezos owns ... the Washington Post. The New York Times is essentially owned by its subscribers, who are every nonprofit executive on the Upper West Side.

"They're trying to protect what they feel is slipping away, which is their control over the country. And the thing they hate most, of course, is democracy. The idea of voters, the working class having power, completely freaks them out. I mean, completely."

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