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Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos: 'A completely non-child-focused agenda' has taken root in American schools

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos: 'A completely non-child-focused agenda' has taken root in American schools

Taxpayers should be able to say, 'We want something better for our kids'

There's no longer any doubt that America's school systems are being targeted by the radical left. At least 800 leaked documents reveal the dangerous Marxist curriculum being taught to our kids in schools across the country.

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos joined Glenn Beck on this week's TV special to speak to parents who are frustrated with school districts and unions that care more about pushing progressive agendas than educating America's children.

DeVos noted that the "very troubling" kind of cultivation happening in schools today has actually been going on for years, resulting in the civil unrest we're now seeing across the country. She emphasized that "now more than ever" we must empower parents to have a say in what their kids are learning.

"Parents today, all too many of them don't have the opportunity to really control their kids' education, and therefore what they're learning and what their whole environment is. So, now more than ever, today there's a demand, an increasing demand, to give parents options and give them control of resources that are being spent on their children," DeVos said.

"This pandemic has brought about, I believe, a real turning point for K-12 education, as parents realize what their kids have or haven't learned in the past, and what they're learning today," she added. "Parents are realizing today the deficiencies of some of their kids' educational settings and are demanding more ... and there's an increased receptivity, even among families who have moved to a good school district. They're finding and discovering their schools are not meeting their needs. It is a completely non-child-focused agenda that's taken root in all too many districts across the country."

DeVos encouraged parents to raise their voices with local school boards and legislators, and to demand that resources are being invested in their children.

"[Parents] are paying property taxes. Grandparents are paying property taxes. Businesses are paying property taxes. And they should be able to say, 'We want something different. We want something better for our kids.'"

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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