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This is the REAL biggest danger to American society — and it's NOT Marxism

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It's happening right under our noses

You can't let the news of the day distract you from what's really going on, and it's happening right under our noses.

Two weeks ago, Glenn Beck exposed how the financial system was being weaponized, in the name of climate change, to enact the Great Reset and usher in an oligarchy. And just this week, a former BlackRock executive — who is a true believer — spoke out in frustration, saying this is all just "a distraction from the problem of climate change" and it's being done for money and power.

In this video clip from the full episode, which you can find here, Glenn broke down how the green global elites are now planning, not only to categorize you based on your skin color, religion, occupation, ideology, and carbon footprint, but to give you an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) score. Your score will determine everything for you: Whether you can buy a home, get a new car, open a business ... everything.

Watch the video clip below:

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