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Phil Robertson: If you're pro-left-wing ideology, you're anti-God

In the Woods
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If you're pro-left-wing ideology, you're anti-God, BlazeTV host Phil Robertson said on this episode of "In the Woods with Phil."

"If you're pro-Karl Marx, you've replaced God with Karl Marx, some kind of economic, atheistic, unbelieving fool. I mean, he's been responsible for the deaths of millions. The father of communism, father of socialism. ... You can't be pro-God unless you're anti-Marxism," Phil stated.

"If you're pro-ideology and your ideology becomes more important than the scriptures that God wrote, you're anti-God," he added. "If you're pro-left-wing ideology, that automatically puts you in a group that's anti-God."

Watch the video clip below to get Phil's take on topics such as abortion, education, thievery, and adultery, and hear why he says the Left is "violating every one of the Ten Commandments together at one time."

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