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Adam Schiff: House 'hypocrite'


Adam Schiff, the man "who lied all through the Russian collusion" hoax, has announced that he is running for one of California’s U.S. Senate seats.

Mark Levin sounded off on the news. “Adam Schiff, who in my view, should be disbarred … who should have been expelled from the House of Representatives … is running for the Senate in California, the bastard.”

Levin continued, “Wasn’t Schiff one of those behind getting Donald Trump’s taxes? First time in American history. Sitting president, then an ex-president. Wasn’t he behind the whole setup on the Russian collusion stuff in Congress?”

He continues, “Wasn’t he behind the whole Ukrainian thing and the phone call stuff with the whistleblower in Congress? Wasn’t he the fool that was tricked by a couple of comedians who were pretending to be Russians and calling and said they had information?”

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