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Levin EXPOSES anti-Semitic hatred in Democrat Party

Levin EXPOSES anti-Semitic hatred in Democrat Party

No other news network in the country has decided to discuss this, so Mark Levin is changing that.

A couple of weeks ago, there was an event called the Savior’s Day 2023. Thousands of people attended. The event was led by Louis Farrakhan.

Farrakhan, as Levin describes him, “is a bigot and a racist” and “has been for a very, very long time.” The target of his racism? Jewish people.

Farrakhan, standing at the podium, did exactly what Levin is accusing him of.

He preached, “Jewish power is what has all of our people of knowledge and wisdom and talent afraid. But just look at what these people control! And every door that leads to power, they have a sentinel on watch. Somebody has to take on the synagogue of Satan, and here we are.”

The crowd erupted in applause, before he continued, “What good is your vote, if the man you voted for has to go to somebody that you never elected, behind the door, to get instructions? ... And the Jews have become wealthy just by loaning money, charging you interest. ... And the stranglehold the Jews have on this government? The man in Israel said, don’t worry about America, we got them.”

He continuously calls synagogues the “synagogue of Satan,” claiming the religion has destroyed the country.

So why, in our anti-racist time, has every media outlet ignored this extremely racist speech given by a man with tens of thousands of followers?

Levin says that “there are reasons for this.”

He continues, “I want to remind you, in 2005, at a Congressional Black Caucus lunch on Capitol Hill, Farrakhan was invited, and among those who participated was then-Senator Barack Obama.”

And it wasn’t just Barack Obama, but many other anti-Trump Democrat leaders who have embraced Farrakhan despite his blatant anti-Semitic remarks. They also have continuously disparaged the state of Israel and its prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Levin warns, “This is spreading and spreading. It’s very, very ugly. The president of the United State is saying almost nothing about any of this. The Democrat leadership is tolerating anti-Semitism; the pages of the New York Times are full-throat anti-state of Israel.”

He continues, “I know that most of you aren’t Jewish, but you are righteous. You are righteous. You understand right from wrong. Most of you had ancestors or relatives who fought in World War II.”

Those who are righteous understand, but the Democrats certainly don’t.

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