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Brandon Straka reveals harrowing story of ‘egregious amount of harassment from the federal government’

Brandon Straka reveals harrowing story of ‘egregious amount of harassment from the federal government’

‘I still believe America is worth fighting for’

Brandon Straka's lone fight for truth, freedom, and his very life since his arrest began three weeks after he entered the U.S. Capitol on that oh-so-controversial day in January.

The narrative, driven by the Left and accepted by many on the Right, Straka says left him in anxiety-fueled isolation, with few allies, and blocked by media platforms unwilling to allow him the opportunity to tell his story. Until now.

In Mark Levin's exclusive, "Brandon Straka's January 6 Story Reveal,' Brandon had the floor not only to provide Americans with the details and video evidence of what happened but to reveal what followed his arrest. Mark Levin pulled no punches and encouraged Straka to tell his story by asking direct and hard-hitting questions. Brandon delivered on every question, bringing to light what Mark describes as the "injustice in our courts." Brandon explained:

  • the courts continued his case five times, dragging it out for over a year;
  • the court-ordered strict pretrial supervision for over a year;
  • his court-ordered ankle monitor that he now has to wear as part of a three-month in-home confinement sentence;
  • he received a three-year probation sentence and 60 hours of community service;
  • the judge imposed the maximum fine of $5,000 and $500 restitution to the Capitol, despite the judge's acknowledgment that he did not engage in destructive behavior or vandalism at the Capitol.

He went on to say that the prosecution's initial recommendation was severe surveillance measures as a condition of the three-year probation, which would have allowed for surveilling of his phone, computer, bank accounts, social media accounts, and email accounts for the entire probationary period. This was ultimately not included in the final sentencing, but it begs the question of why it was brought to the table at all.

"All this for what the judge and court ultimately deemed a petty offense, a non-violent misdemeanor charge," Brandon added.
Now, just when you think you've hit the peak of Brandon's hellscape, when you have that moment of "Okay, now we get to see the man begin to put his life back together because this cannot possibly get any worse" … it gets worse.

In addition to what Mark called a "pretty damn harsh" sentencing, eviction from his home, damages to his spiritual and psychological health, and what Brandon called an "egregious amount of harassment from the federal government," Brandon says he is now facing civil charges from what he deems a "social justice law firm" in Washington, D.C., claiming he was a "conspirator to create January 6," amongst other serious claims.

Brandon tells Mark that it's the utter loneliness that has plagued him, and caused a tremendous amount of damage, to the point where some days he "questioned if [he] wanted to continue to live."

"I just want the opportunity to try to clear the air and set the record straight, what is and is not accurate, and that's why I'm so grateful to you, and thankful to you, for giving me this opportunity today," Brandon said.
"I suspect after people watch this, you won't be completely alone, certainly not by … red-blooded Americans," Mark responded. "I think many of them are going to be very upset by this."

Mark had one final, illuminating question for Brandon: "Have you lost faith in the system?"

"Yes. I have … but one thing that has not shaken in the slightest is my faith and my belief that America is worth fighting for."

Watch all the gritty details of the harassment, the video evidence of what happened on that day, and Brandon's detailed explanation for the documents he signed in Mark Levin's full-exclusive interview with Brandon Straka.

Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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