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Mark Levin UNLOADS on Biden's radical Marxist-ridden White House


Are we better or worse than we were four years ago?

Problems we're facing in America are one man's fault: Joseph R. Biden Jr. His policies are destroying the United States of America, and it's not because Russia invaded Ukraine. It's because the democrats have invaded the Oval Office.

The laws of economics are being abused as Biden wants to add another $6 trillion to our $31 trillion in debt.

BlazeTV host Mark Levin of “LevinTV” erupted over the Biden administration's destructive policies that continue to chip away at our once-great nation. Ladies and gentlemen, take note of the tone of Mark's voice in this clip. His passion, anger, and ability to take his knowledge of history and apply it to what is crumbling down. All around us is powerful and poignant.

"Radical Democrats are destroying our economic system. They're destroying your pensions and whatever salary and bonuses you are receiving. They're driving up medical costs, creating food shortages, and next thing you know, we will have brownouts, blackouts, and gas shortages," Mark said.

Ask yourself this question: Are we better off now than we were four years ago?

Watch the clip for more details.

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