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Mark Levin: Now the hypocritical media OPPOSES protesters?


Could this have anything to do with President Trump's support?

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The mainstream media has defended countless protesters in the past, so why are peacefully protesting Americans, who are fighting for the right to work and earn an income again, the new targets of the media?

"This is how the media treats Americans who don't go along with the massive progressive project that is rammed down our throats every single day," said BlazeTV's Mark Levin.

"But what's amazing to me, are the media figures who really have a problem with protests. Whether it's the president of the United States ... being asked, 'Do you support these protesters? You know they're protesting against guidelines? It's very dangerous, they're meeting more than 10 people together.' It's incredible that a free press would be siding with governors who've overreached," he continued.

Levin highlighted the importance of the right to peacefully protest, particularly in times when government overreach is causing Americans to lose their jobs, homes, and businesses, yet the media has made peaceful protesters out to be "Nazis."

"It's not left to technocrats, the health department of every state, or the United States. It's not left to one governor with an iron fist to impose his or her will. The public has a right to participate. That's the whole point!" he said. "The media in this country are as totalitarian as the Democrat Party. They're one and the same, they truly are."

Watch the video below to hear more from "the Great One" — Mark Levin:

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