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WATCH: UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal tells Crowder that Kamaru Usman 'hits like a B***H'

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Steven Crowder interviewed UFC fighter and outspoken Trump supporter Jorge Masvidal about predictions for Saturday's #UFC 261 fight against Kamaru Usman.

In the first clip, Crowder asked Masvidal what made him so confident he could beat Usman in their first fight? Masvidal said he [Usman] "hits like a b***h" and predicted the fight would "start violently and end violently."

In the second clip, Crowder asked Masvidal about the skillset of former Disney Channel actor turned professional boxer Jake Paul. Crowder was surprised to hear what Masvidal had to say about Paul because Masvidal had trained Paul in the past.

"What is your impression of Jake Paul ... how good would you say his skillset actually is," Crowder asked.

Masvidal said that Paul "is a good athlete and has some coordination, so given his background at Disney, he is doing pretty well."

Masvidal later added that Paul should stay away from "real fighters" because he isn't "mean" like the seasoned MMA fighters who make a living off fighting.

Crowder expounded on Masvidal's "mean" comment with a personal story from when he competed in Jujutsu.

"When people say Jorge Masvidal is mean, I say no, he has a killer instinct ... there's a big difference between being mean and having a killer instinct," Crowder said. "I don't have a killer instinct unless someone has personally wronged me. One time, I was in a Jujutsu tournament and I had a guy in tough crossface in side control. I liked the guy a lot, and was winning but when I heard him groan I said 'I'm sorry' and let him go, and he put me back in guard."

"It was at that point I realized I didn't have the heart for fighting ... that is not mean ... but you [Masvidal] would have probably broken his jaw," Crowder said.

Masvidal agreed adding that he would have "for a fact secured a victory."

Watch the clip below for more. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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