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Affirmative action STRUCK DOWN!


The Supreme Court has struck down racist affirmative action and higher education policies that specifically target and discriminate against Asians in America — and Lauren Chen could not be more thrilled.

“We are free at last!” Chen cheers. “My people have finally, after decades, been set free from systemic oppression due to our race.”

The Supreme Court declared that race can no longer be a factor in college admissions that and higher education institutions must find new ways to achieve a diverse student body.

“For decades, affirmative action policies have been actual systemic racism — systemic racism that, by the way, the left has not only championed, but they fiercely, fiercely protected it,” Chen says.

Affirmative action ensured that if you were Asian or white, you had to have a much higher SAT score or GPA than you would if you were black.

“It’s essentially the bigotry of low expectations for black and brown students,” Chen explains, calling the policy “very, very patronizing.”

While many are worried colleges will just find another way to put Asians and white students at a disadvantage in the admissions process, Chen believes this is a major win for now.

“For now, this is a win, and I’m going to be taking it.”

Chen mentions a user who goes by the name the Rabbit Hole on Twitter who used some interesting stats to explain just why this is such a big win against racism.

The Rabbit Hole wrote that Harvard applicants in the top academic decile have different chances of admission depending on their race. Asians have a 12.7% chance, white applicants have a 15.3% chance, Hispanics have a 31.3% chance, and black applicants have a whopping 56.1% chance.

“So, yes,” Chen adds, “affirmative action is and always has been racist.”

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