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Lizzo's ENTITLEMENT: I AM the beauty standard!


Has the fat-acceptance movement gone too far? After what Lizzo recently tweeted, Lauren Chen of "Pseudo-Intellectual" definitely thinks so.

The tweet in question was a video of herself “glamor modeling” accompanied by the message “Introducing…. THE BEAUTY STANDARD. If you mad, stay mad hoes.”

“I don’t care who you are or what you look like. Declaring that you are the beauty standard — it’s a bold move. But I think it is especially bold if you weigh, gosh, I gotta say at least 300 pounds like Lizzo does.”

However, this isn’t the first time Lizzo has declared herself “the beauty standard.”

She has also already posted a selfie video to her millions of Instagram followers saying, “I am f***in' gorgeous, I am the beauty standard.”

Chen realizes that many people will see this as Lizzo “just practicing self-love and acceptance,” but Chen doesn’t think that’s a good thing.

“We don’t need more self-love and self-acceptance. In fact, I would say we have way too much of it, and you know what we need to bring back? We actually need to bring back a little bit of shame and, for goodness sakes, some humility.”

This isn’t just an issue of self-image, Chen alleges, but rather one of health.

“Obesity is not healthy, and I think at a certain point, our acceptance of obesity — trying to normalize obesity — it has ultimately hurt the American public when it comes to their health.”

Chen says that “around 70% of Americans are overweight.”

“Most of the leading causes of death in America have to do with obesity. This is an epidemic. This is a health crisis. And honestly, people, like Lizzo, who are trying to glamorize and normalize clinical, morbid obesity, they are not helping the issue.”

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