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Cali residents FLEEING hellhole as San Francisco now leads the US in PLUMMETING home values


There's no question that the West Coast is home to some of the most beautiful places in the country and perhaps even the world.

However, it’s also home to the failed state of California, specifically the city of San Francisco — which is now overrun by the homeless and has streets covered in feces and drug needles.

According to Lauren Chen, it’s also home to “sky-high property prices, excessive taxes and regulations, the state actively trying to trans your kids behind your back,” and “rolling blackouts, looting.”

“All of the above mentioned are very real problems that the people living in these cities and in these states have to deal with on a daily basis,” Chen adds.

Because of these issues, Californians who can afford to leave are fleeing in masses. However, many people deserting the state won’t get back the top dollar they paid to live there.

A recent article from Newsmax reports that San Francisco is now topping the U.S. in plunging home values.

The article states: “About one in eight (12.3%) homes that sold in San Francisco during the three months ending July 31 was purchased for less than the seller paid for it, up from 5% a year earlier. That’s a higher share than any other major U.S. metro and is quadruple the national rate (3%).”

Chen believes this data is concerning because “it means number one: a lot of people who invested in the real estate market in San Francisco, in New York, they’re going to be taking major losses. Number two: we also have to keep in mind that this decline in prices isn’t because of something like increased housing opportunity.”

Rather, it’s “because people are actually packing up and just leaving the city, leaving these states.”

While Chen believes the issues that are causing people to leave are a direct result of who they voted for, she hopes that they’re capable of realizing that themselves.

“You’re not liking the crime, you’re not liking how it’s getting harder and harder to run a business. I don’t see how you can simultaneously still be liberal, still be Democrat, because guess what, there’s no one else that you have to blame in those situations than the Democrats.”

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