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Muslims FIGHT Pride, progressives SHOCKED


While there are members of the LGBTQ+ community who believe they can count Muslims among their allies, recent videos have begun circulating on social media showing that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

In one video, a group of Muslim children in Canada are pictured stomping all over a pile of rainbow flags while protesting the rise of LGBTQ+ propaganda in schools.

Lauren Chen of "Pseudo-Intellectual" isn’t surprised.

“Let’s discuss the growing tensions between Muslim communities in the West and the Rainbow Mafia because you see, both Muslims and the gays are beloved marginalized groups — at least in the eyes of progressives,” Chen comments.

Chen believes the progressive left’s adoration of Muslim communities exists because Muslims are often darker in skin tone and hale from developing countries — which beside fluid sexuality is the left’s bread and butter.

“It’s definitely not because they’re religious though because we know that leftists hate religions other than their own. Their own religion, of course, being Marxism” she adds.

Muslims across the U.S. and Canada are making it abundantly clear that they want nothing to do with the left’s religion.

“Muslim communities in Canada and the US,” Chen says, are “actually pushing back and saying ‘Hang on a second, we are not on board with this degeneracy — especially when it comes to our children.'”

The Muslim community in Hamtramck, Michigan, is no different.

The city has voted to ban Pride flags and other religious symbols from all Hamtramck city property — which of course has been met with pushback by LGBTQ+ activists.

“Good on them for not caving to the LGBT agenda,” Chen says, “I have a lot of respect for the Muslims of the city who are standing up not only for their values, but yes, also for American values.”

One Hamtramck man took to the podium to back the decision to ban Pride flags. He said, “I am a Lebanese person and I support the American flag. We are not gonna’ sit here and tolerate you guys come in and say ‘Oh, it’s Pride Month.’”

“You’re gay, no problem,” he continued, “You be gay by yourself.”

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