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Conservative university student wins $80k settlement due to 1st Amendment violation


A Christian conservative student named Maggie Dejong has just won an $80,000 settlement against her former school for violating her First Amendment rights.

Dejong had received no-contact orders from three students — essentially restraining orders — that applied to on and off campus. Dejong routinely participated in classroom discussions and offered a conservative viewpoint.

The three students who acquired the no-contact orders were reportedly upset by Dejong’s social media posts on abortion and the police. They were also upset that she had defended Kyle Rittenhouse and denounced critical race theory.

Their list of grievances goes on, as Dejong would wear a pro-police hat in class. They demanded she remove it, as it was a symbol of “oppression.”

“Are our students really in such echo chambers that they can’t even tolerate hearing conservative views anymore?” Lauren Chen asks.

“You should not be so triggered when you hear a conservative viewpoint that you immediately have to run to your administration to get them to protect your feelings,” she adds.

Chen also finds it odd that her social media posts were a point of contention for these three students.

“Stop following her on social media. It’s not like she’s, you know, writing pro-Kyle Rittenhouse defenses and shoving them under their doors at night.”

While the story is clearly ridiculous, the school complied with the students' complaints and told Dejong she was not allowed to talk to these students at all. This meant she would not be allowed to speak up in class if those students were there.

“Conservatives who are listening to this, don’t forget that so many of these institutions, they are still receiving your money,” Chen says, continuing, “They won’t allow your viewpoints to be expressed in their hallowed halls, but they’ll happily take your dollars.”

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