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Netflix's new 'Depp v. Heard' documentary is FEMINIST PROPAGANDA


Netflix isn’t known for its neutrality, and according to Lauren Chen, the streaming giant’s new “documentary” about Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s court case, "Depp v. Heard," is no exception.

Chen believes that even after Depp’s vindication in the courtroom, some people are incapable of letting go of the battle between the two, especially “establishment Hollywood weirdos as well as feminist activists.”

“Spoiler alert,” Chen says, “essentially what this documentary does is try to play defense for Amber Heard the entire time.”

During the trial, Heard was questioned about her claim that she donated her $7 million divorce settlement from Johnny Depp to charity when, in fact, that has yet to happen.

Heard told Depp’s lawyer that was incorrect and that she had “pledged” to donate — not actually donated — the $7 million and that she still intended “to fulfill those obligations.”

“That’s not an actual donation, that is a pledge. And the fact that the words donate and pledge mean different things and Amber was saying that she had donated when she had actually only pledged and hadn’t actually given the money yet — that is something that 99% of people, I think, agree on, that this was a lie,” Chen says.

However, the documentary claimed that this “was just one example of social media being unfair to Amber, because yeah, there are times when people use those terms interchangeably,” she adds.

Chen believes that while the documentary was supposed to be about the trial between Depp and Heard, it really just complained about the treatment Heard faced on social media during the trial.

“There was a strange undercurrent throughout the episodes, where it’s almost as if the filmmakers were trying to blame Johnny Depp personally for what strangers said about Amber online,” Chen says.

“I just find it interesting how, apparently, these filmmakers have a problem with the harassment or cancel culture that Amber Heard faced. However, they said nothing about the fact that this entire court case and this entire saga was actually started by Amber Heard herself when she wrote that op-ed for the Washington Post,” she adds.

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