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New 'Barbie' movie is TOXIC feminism to a T – 'Ken is just a great accessory'


When Lauren Chen first heard about Warner Bros.’ new “Barbie” movie, she couldn’t hide her excitement. Like many girls who grew up in the '90s, Chen loved playing with Barbie dolls as a child.

That excitement only escalated when she discovered that Amy Schumer, who was originally rumored to play Barbie, dropped out of the film because it wasn’t “feminist” enough for her taste.

“Amy Schumer thinking a movie is not feminist enough … is a seal of approval,” Chen says.

However, her enthusiasm quickly dissipated when comedian Kate McKinnon, who also plays in the movie, said that “Barbie” is “about how gender roles deny people half their humanity.”

“Red flags everywhere,” Chen responds, adding, “Even if you don’t fit into a gender role, trust me, we are open enough as a society where your humanity will not be denied.”

Further, “Why is the discussion of gender roles happening in my Barbie movie?” she scolds. “I just want to see Barbie … wearing different outfits and looking cute, maybe driving around in a pink convertible. Is that too much to ask?”

Unfortunately, humanity-denying gender roles aren't the only woke concept pushed in the movie. Men, or “the Kens,” are portrayed as no more than accessories.

Issa Rae, another actress in the film, is quoted saying, “I think a Ken is just a great accessory. That’s what I loved about Greta’s imagining of Barbie … the Kens are just supplemental characters to these Barbies; while Barbies can do everything, Kens are there to kind of support and don’t necessarily have their own story.”

Reduce men to accessories, thus driving home the idea that gender roles deny humanity? That makes a lot of sense …

“I love it when male characters are just poorly written in two dimensions; that’s just the backbone of a great movie, obviously,” Chen retorts.

But that’s only the beginning of “Barbie’s” wokeism.

“There are actually more warning signs about this movie, more indicators that say ‘you should not go see it,”’ Chen says, unless you want to pay to hear “Hollywood weirdos lecture [you] about their fringe, elitist political views.”

To hear more about how the “Barbie” movie is just another example of Hollywood’s malicious, woke agenda, watch the full clip below.

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