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Newly released Starfield video game virtue-signals by including they/them pronouns — but not all gamers are happy about it


Starfield is a newly released game developed by Bethesda Game Studios, but turns out the gamers who were looking forward to escaping into a new virtual world are not very pleased with the outcome.

The game forces players to choose their pronouns — which include they/them — before they can immerse themselves.

“I love nothing more than to sit down, comfy chair, turn on the PC, fire up a brand new RPG, lose myself, think ‘Oh God, just think of this world, just think of all the planets I can visit, all the immersive things that I can get involved with, all the fights, all the relationships, all the people I meet, all the places I go,” one streamer said angrily into a camera.

The streamer, who goes by Heel VS Babyface, continued, “Then with all of that laid out in front of me, I love nothing more than to be dragged out at every conceivable opportunity so you can f****** current day us.”

Lauren Chen agrees with the streamer, saying asking for pronouns at the beginning of the game removes “any possibility of an immersive experience.”

“Just dragging people back to the real world, a real world by the way where politics is everywhere and you just can’t escape them,” Chen adds.

Leftists across the internet lashed out at the streamer who originally voiced his disdain for the emergence of pronouns in the game, one tweeting that the “Gorilla shaped man” was “on the verge of crying because Starfield lets you pick pronouns at the beginning of the game” and that he should be shot with a “bear tranquilizer.”

Chen believes the backlash the streamer has faced is “some of the most disingenuous gaslighting BS” she’s ever seen.

“What I take issue with,” Chen says, is the idea that the streamer “is the one that is taking pronouns too seriously and that he is the one that is being overly sensitive about the issue.”

The reason why these games are including pronouns in the first place is because “some people out there made a pretty big effing deal about pronouns,” she adds.

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