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Pearl Davis THINKS she's dunking on conservatives — but her entire argument is easily debunked


The “red-pill” community has taken the internet by storm over the past couple of years, charming many conservatives along the way.

However, red-pill personalities have recently been coming under fire — especially Pearl Davis.

While Lauren Chen says she agrees with many of Pearl’s talking points, she does not agree with much of what the red-pill influencer has been saying lately.

“Perhaps the red-pill community versus Christian conservative — we’re more different than I think a lot of people have assumed,” Chen says.

Pearl has made extreme statements recently that include laughing at men who believe in consulting their wives before making decisions.

“In response to that I will actually defer to Matt Walsh and his response replying to Pearl.”

Matt Walsh, a father and husband, wrote in a tweet: “Not always a bad response from a husband. For instance, if you ask me what we’re doing this weekend, this will nearly always be my answer. And then when I ask her she’ll tell me that we have a thing at 2 o clock on Saturday and another thing on Sunday and that she already told me about both things four times. I’m pretty sure every marriage in history has worked this way.”

Chen, a wife and mother herself, agrees with Walsh.

“When you guys are living together, sharing life together, your wife may have knowledge or insight that you simply don’t,” Chen says.

Pearl has always taken to Twitter and Youtube to harp on women aging and hitting the “wall.”

Chen describes the “wall” as “a common thing in the red-pill community” that in essence tells women who have turned 30 or 35 that they are now less attractive and thus less desirable to men in the dating market.

“She’s not talking about long-term relationships or marriage; she’s operating within a hookup culture paradigm,” Chen explains.

Pearl has also blatantly stated that “old women are ugly.”

“For anyone who believes that Pearl didn’t deserve all the flak that she got, let’s be real, guys. She was purposely being provocative, which is fine, but it’s like you can’t post a video saying 35-year-old women are uglier than 25-year-old women and not expect blowback,” Chen responds.

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