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Police SHOOTING: The TRUTH about Tyree Moorehead

Police SHOOTING: The TRUTH about Tyree Moorehead

Last year, a black man named Tyree Moorehead was shot and killed during a police encounter in Baltimore. So naturally, BLM activists and other progressives are saying it was just another case of police brutality.

What made the entire situation all the more ironic is that while he was alive, Moorehead considered himself an anti-violence activist.

He was a creator of Baltimore’s no shoot zones, places that marked where someone had previously been shot and killed. Moorehead would spray paint an anti-violence message on them in the hopes of preventing additional violence.

Moorehead was then fatally shot by an officer a mere block away from one of those zones.

Apparently, as an activist, Moorehead had suggested that if cities want murderers to stop murdering people, they should actually pay them not to murder.

Seriously. And it gets worse.

Moorehead was a convicted murderer as well. He was 15 when he was put away for second-degree murder and spent 18 years behind bars.

He said he could relate to the shooters.

While this story sounds tragic on its face, Lauren Chen reports that there is more to the story.

Once the body cam footage of Moorehead was released, it confirmed what the police had been claiming from the beginning — and what the media was hesitant to share with the public. Because, of course, they need the activists to activist.

What actually happened was that Tyree Moorehead was killed while he was in the middle of trying to stab a woman in broad daylight, and the responding police officers saved her life.

Chen comments, “There are still people out there who are questioning whether this was an excessive use of force,” despite body cam footage revealing that he was clearly in the middle of trying to stab a woman.

Had the police not gotten involved, her life might have been the one lost.

But of course, activists and Twitter users alike refuse to believe what they can clearly see.

One Twitter user commented “I have seen nothing that warrants that many shots.”

Chen says, “Moral of the story here is that as always, be critical when you see these stories blow up. When you see all these news agencies reporting the same headline, the same spin — because odds are there’s something they’re not telling you.”

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