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Right-wing women HOTTER than libs?


Are conservative women more attractive than their progressive counterparts?

An artificial intelligence study out of Denmark has found this to be the case — and Lauren Chen isn’t the least bit surprised.

The study was published in the Natured-owned journal Scientific Reports and found that AI can predict a person’s political ideology with 61% accuracy when one single headshot is analyzed.

“Frankly, most of us have known for years that conservative women do tend to be more attractive,” Chen comments.

The study analyzed 3,200 publicly submitted photos of political candidates who ran in the 2017 Danish municipal election and assessed the person’s emotional state in the photo.

According to the study, “high attractiveness scores were found among those the model identified as likely to be conservative” and these “results are credible given that previous research using human raters has also highlighted a link between attractiveness and conservatism.”

Those who seemed happier in photos were also found more likely to be conservative.

“I mean think about it, especially from a feminist lens, all we hear from the left non-stop is that traditional beauty standards are patriarchal and also racist,” Chen says.

Chen notes the growing trend of social media videos in which liberals compare their former long-haired, happy selves to their new, edgy, progressive, often blue-haired, looks.

“I’ve done videos comparing before and after photos of women who used to look normal and pretty and then who turn into ugly screeching feminists, like, after going to college.”

“It’s true,” Chen continues, “feminism or left-wing ideology does cause some women — and I would say a growing number of women — to actually reject beauty and reject aesthetic standards. It’s all part really of subverting the current order.”

While Chen believes women who become engulfed in left-wing ideology tend to begin to look worse, she also believes that women who are unattractive to begin with may be more naturally inclined toward left-wing ideology.

“I reject the idea that conservatism, especially modern-day, American conservatism, upholds things like patriarchy or white supremacy; but I don’t think it’s a secret that conservatism and right-wing beliefs do enforce, let's say, hierarchies.”

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