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Shocking (but also hilarious) leftist reactions to 4th of July


It should come as no surprise that many progressives sought to villainize this year’s Fourth of July celebrations.

Some called the holiday racist. Others called it sexist. Many pointed out the plight of the indigenous people.

The list goes on and on.

Lauren Chen, however, isn’t having it.

She slices their arguments to pieces, exposing them for what they are – utterly absurd.

Certainly Chen is aware of America’s shortcomings, but in no way do these overshadow the beauty that is the United States.

“Is America perfect?” she asks. “No, but is it the greatest nation on the planet?”

“If you ask me, the answer is hell yes.”

Chen’s rebuttal begins with one of America’s most beloved ice cream companies – Ben & Jerry’s – which, unfortunately, happens to be super woke.

On the Fourth, the company tweeted out:

“If they care this much about indigenous land rights, they could give their own land back that they own in Vermont … or they could donate all of their money to Native Americans,” Chen says.

But of course, they won’t do that.

What they likely will do, however, is figure out how to dig themselves out of the boycott grave that ensued as a result of their ridiculous tweet.

Chen then moves on to Cori Bush, the U.S. representative for Missouri's 1st Congressional District, who tweeted:

“If you are someone who believes the Declaration of Independence is a pro-slavery document or that the Constitution is a pro-slavery document, I’m just sorry. You do not understand the principles of America’s founding. You do not understand the beliefs that the founding fathers had,” Chen responds.

“People like Cori Bush,” she continues, “have so much hatred, so much resentment for America that they can’t even take one single day to celebrate everything that is good and right with America.”

Finally, Chen addresses the slew of hateful, divisive videos on TikTok – a “cesspool” of “radical, left-wing extremism,” she calls the platform.

One TikTok creator took it upon himself to rename the holiday, replacing "Independence" with the word “Colonizer.”

“Are you NOT celebrating Colonizer Day today?” he ignorantly spouts.

“Leftists are just so inconsistent with their rhetoric,” Chen says in response. “Simultaneously they want to call Americans colonizers because they’re not Native Americans but also immigrants because they want to make it seem like everyone’s an immigrant.”

Another TikToker says she’s always known that “if there was an American flag at [someone’s] house,” then inevitably “some racist-a** white mother-f*****s” lived there.

“There’s just so much stupidity in, like, twenty seconds,” says Chen in response to the videos.

This only scratches the surface of the uninformed and entirely nonsensical comments made about America’s Independence Day though.

To watch Chen destroy all these leftist arguments, watch the full clip below.

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