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Elliot Page EXPOSES Hollywood groomers


Elliot Page — the actress formerly known as Ellen Page — has released a memoir, and the media buzz around its content has left Lauren Chen feeling sorry for the transgender actor.

The book is called "Page Boy," and in some new excerpts from the book, she alleges that people in Hollywood not only groomed her, but actually assaulted her on set.

Page told the Guardian that the director of "Hard Candy" had groomed her, taken her to dinner, stroked her thigh under the table, and told her that she had to “make the move.”

“That is disturbing, and I can only imagine how often this must happen in Hollywood,” Chen says, “because as if one person being attached to that film trying to molest her wasn’t bad enough, there are also other people on the same film set who were apparently looking at her like she was a piece of meat.”

Before Page turned 18, a member of the "Hard Candy" production team had also apparently forced himself on her, as well as told her he wanted to perform a sex act on her.

According to Page, this left her “feeling numb.”

Chen believes that this is why Hollywood is so into the “me too” movement.

The reason, Chen alleges, is “because everyone in Hollywood is actually a sexual predator. Like all of the extreme feminist BS we see coming from liberal women — perhaps it’s simply because they are surrounded by liberal men.”

Chen says that these liberal men cause the women to “assume due to their ideology that ‘no, it’s not just feminist men that are bad, it’s actually all men that are bad.’”

“It’s not just that they’re men, it’s not just because they’re white or whatever other power dynamic the left might tell you,” Chen continues, “it’s because of your disgusting ideology.”

Page was also targeted by a female crew member, who grabbed her after offering to take her house-hunting.

“I know I’ve been very harsh talking about Ellen Page because of her brain-dead liberal progressive takes — especially when it comes to gender — but ultimately as an individual I feel sorry for her,” Chen says.

Page revealed in an interview with the Los Angeles Times that she realized she was trans when she started hearing and then talking to a voice in her head following a psychotic episode of self-harm.

Days later, a doctor gave her approval for her breasts to be removed.

“Chopping off perfectly healthy breasts when you’re a woman, that’s simply a medically approved way to engage in self-harm,” Chen says.

“I think we’ll look back on this period in history and a lot of us will be ashamed that we actually were glorifying mental illness,” she adds.

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