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Trans teen DIES after reassignment surgery


While trans activists claim that gender-affirming surgeries are safe, there is mounting evidence to the contrary.

The Post Millennial recently shared a story of a trans teen who died from vaginoplasty complications during a Dutch study. The study was being carried out to justify child sex changes.

According to the Post Millennial, the deceased was “an 18-year-old trans-identified male whose puberty was blocked by the Dutch researchers at a very early stage, meaning there wasn’t enough penile tissue for surgeons to use to create a 'neo-vagina.' Therefore, a more risky procedure using a section of the patient’s bowel was necessary, which resulted in fatal necrotizing fasciitis.”

Lauren Chen believes that these gender-reassignment surgeries are not only dangerous but the opposite of what you allow someone you love to do to themselves.

“The right thing to do,” she says, “is not to allow them to undergo surgeries that will essentially destroy their bodies for the rest of their lives — if not flat out kill them, as we see in this story here.”

Despite the dangers that come with these surgeries, Chen says “the LGBT trans lobby, they love to assure readers in the general public that actually, if someone is undergoing gender dysphoria at a young age, the best thing you can do for their mental health is to affirm their identity — and yes, even put them on medications like hormone blockers or cross-sex hormones.”

Despite the fact that a young boy needlessly lost his life to the cause, those who carried out the study still believe these surgeries are worth the risk.

Chen says, “The researchers wanted to assure you that ... ‘vaginal reconstruction has a positive influence on the quality of life of non-transgender and transgender women’ but cautions that ‘physicians and patients need to be aware of serious complications that may arise.’”

“This was a perfectly healthy 18-year-old male who had his entire life ahead of him,” she continues, “but because of these doctors — who were essentially playing 'Frankenstein' with him — he instead died because a bunch of doctors tried to take his intestines, his colon, and shape them into a vagina.”

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