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Vivek Ramaswamy joins Lauren Chen and ACTUALLY answers pressing questions


Lauren Chen invites Vivek Ramaswamy to a digital conference during which viewers can ask the 2024 presidential candidate honest questions.

Chen opens the floor with an inquiry of her own: “Why now? Trump has the overwhelming support of the Republican Party, so why not wait until 2028?”

“I don’t think we have a long time to work with ... We’re working within a very short window to lead our way out of a national identity crisis,” Ramaswamy responds.

He believes that the “wokeness, gender ideology, climatism, [and] COVIDism ... are symptoms of a deeper hunger for purpose and meaning.”

And while he respects Donald Trump tremendously, calling him “an excellent president,” the truth remains that “there is about 30% of this country that becomes truly psychiatrically ill when he is in the White House,” he tells Chen.

He goes on to paint a picture of his vision of uniting America, which will involve dismissing “our unconstitutional administrative state,” including the Department of Education, “[declaring] independence from China,” and “[using] our military to secure the southern border.”

The next question comes from an audience member wanting to know why Ramaswamy, at the start of the pandemic, supported vaccine mandates.

His response is admirably humble: “Early on in the pandemic ... based on the data that was reported to the public ... I did get two shots myself and believed that that was a good choice for people to make. I no longer believe that.”

“I can tell you’re not a politician,” Lauren says, because “you actually answered that question.”

But that’s not the only honest answer Vivek gives. He addresses many other questions on topics such as the Russia-Ukraine war, child trafficking, and the border crisis.

To hear their full conversation, watch the clip below.

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