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What you WEREN’T told about the Jeffery Epstein case – prepare to be totally creeped out

What you WEREN’T told about the Jeffery Epstein case – prepare to be totally creeped out

Chad invites filmmakers Carter Andrews and DJ Bolger to the show to discuss their uncanny involvement in the Jeffery Epstein investigation.

Most have a broad understanding of the Epstein case, especially in regard to the financier’s dealings in sexual blackmail and underage girls, but Carter and Bolger claim that “only certain parts of the story hit mainstream news.”

There’s an entire layer of the scandal that the media didn’t cover — specifically the part about Epstein’s mysterious “Zorro Ranch” in New Mexico.

Carter and Bolger, however, have dedicated their YouTube channel to covering what the mainstream media neglected to disclose.

What they share will leave you horrified, perplexed, and totally creeped out.

It all started when Carter and Bolger discovered that all of Epstein’s properties had been raided by law enforcement except for his New Mexico ranch, which Chad describes as “shrouded in secrecy.”

After innumerable attempts to glean information from the FBI, tour the property, and even purchase the property themselves, Carter and Bolger were left with a multitude of answered questions.

But one thing was abundantly clear: There are dark secrets waiting to be uncovered at Zorro Ranch.

While there are still many missing puzzle pieces, Carter and Bolger have already unearthed some disturbing information about the property and the likely horrors that transpired there.

For starters, the 33,000 acre ranch is surrounded by other mysterious ranches, most of which are owned by the King family, the members of which Carter describes as “the oligarchs of New Mexico,” meaning the property is essentially protected by a moat of other properties — “almost like the donut hole in the middle of the donut,” Chad adds.

Hikers have also noted that strange rules govern the lands surrounding Zorro Ranch.

Those who have trekked on what they thought was public property have reported being suddenly stopped by trucks of armed men ordering them to leave, Carter explains.

If that wasn’t suspicious enough, Bolger says they were able to contact a former employee of the ranch who anonymously reported that not only had the Clintons visited (no surprise there) but also big-name celebrities, including John Travolta.

But that’s only the beginning.

Epstein was also “deep in bed with the science community,” Carter says, and was allegedly into eugenics — that is, the study of tampering with gene pools to increase desirable traits while reducing those deemed inferior — a practice that is, unsurprisingly, deeply associated with Nazism.

To learn more about the enigma that is Epstein’s Zorro Ranch and the disturbing Ghislaine Maxwell painting that “is forever etched in [Chad’s] memory,” watch the full clip here.

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