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Strange sighting captured on cellphone VIDEO leaves conservative host with questions

The Chad Prather Show

'Was that a comet trail?'

In this episode of "The Chad Prather Show," Chad observed a newfound openness to UFO sightings that did not exist fifty years ago. In his monologue, Chad recalled UFO sightings that were typically reported by individuals considered less than credible. However, today, the United States government has admitted that UFOs do exist.

Late at night when you've shaken off the dust of this weary old world and you're lying in the backyard staring up at the stars, there is a burning question that permeates your being. It's a question that is somehow bigger than your capacity to contain it. More voluminous than the parts of speech it takes to form it. It's a question that mankind has been asking himself perhaps since he shared the earth with the roving beasts of a bygone era. Here's the question: Is there any tequila left? If you thought that question was going to be 'are we alone in the universe,' well you haven't been watching this show long enough and you need to catch up ... I keep it important.

Chad believes humanity has reached a point where "curiosity is on its deathbed." Here's why:

When I was a kid, if you had given me the proof of existence for life from the other worlds that we have today, I would have lost my mind. And if you're anywhere near my age, 50, you know you would have too. Now, when I was a kid, the only people who ever talked about seeing UFOs were the kind of people you thought you would see: rednecks. Back-water people with pedigrees forming a broad ancestral circle. Wide-eyed coal miners who would doubtless have been able to pick up radio stations with their fillings in their teeth.

Now, we are washed anew in testimony from credible, often military, sources. Every few months, it seems [there are] sightings of craft flying in the air or gliding underwater at speeds beyond anything we've been able to dream up.

Crafts have appeared and then disappeared in the blink of an eye, have jammed radar seemingly at will and as if on purpose. Maybe it's an E.T. coming back to do a second movie. It could be some foreign country testing out new technology to see if it can get past ours. It could be us testing out new technology; I think that could be as likely as anything else.

Chad later shared a cellphone video he believed to be a comet's tail.

Download the podcast here.

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